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Ask me anything if you want    Submit   this is just stuff that i find funny, interesting, kew, scary, disturbing, inspiring, awesome, sexy, weird, important, not important, stuff about anime, tattoos, art and i can't think of what else to put xp so to sum it up this is just random stuff for me i guess if you like what i post awesome you can always follow along, re-blog, favorite or do whatever you do and if not who cares,,, yup

i want a hedgehog but Arizona sucks! My name is Angel i am currently a pre-med student, and i have an unhealthy liking to human anatomy and gross dissection i just realized that. what can i say i'm 22 and i drink coffee and i still fall asleep i learned that the ocean is blue because all the fish in the sea say "blue blue blue" yup true story. i think pandas are awesome and penguins are cool. i have the worst luck when it comes to automobiles each one i drive break down with me so getting to school and work is always a gamble. twix are delicious i hate wearing underwear (or clothes but i'll make the exception for those around me). no, i'm not hallucinating right now i already pinched myself. i can't find my ipod but i am finding everything else i lost so yeah hmm if you have any questions feel free to ask oh and i like fire i thought i should add something random to finish this.


"Rum Ham, I miss you! You’re the most delicious invention ever known to man, and probably the smartest one, too. I just wish I could see your beautiful meat-face one last time, but alas, you floated away from me leaving only greasy ham-smell behind. You served us well, Rum Ham. I’ll never forget you." Original idea by @robinmbrowne! Check out RUM HAM here! And watch the hilarious clip!

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